The APC offers five types of membership with one set of rates for members in the United States and another for members in other countries.


  • Active Membership: $50/$70

  • Sustaining Membership: $60/$80

  • Patron Membership: $65/$85

  • Leadership Membership: $100 or more/$100 or more

  • Museums and Libraries: $10/$30


Dues are payable to the APC:


American Philatelic Congress

3991 Gulf Shore Blvd. N. #301

Naples, FL 34103.

If you would like to pay your dues by PayPal, use the "send money" feature and put "americanphilateliccongress (at) gmail dot com" in the "Recipient's Email" field in PayPal.


Checks in U.S. funds only, please. If you require more information send an e-mail directly to Secretary-Treasurer Chuck Wooster.

Pay Your Membership Dues via Paypal

$50.- US Based Members
$70.- Overseas Members


Thanks! Message sent.

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